Still looking for a dream career?

Get on board with Charter Group! If, in your mind’s eye, you can see yourself on an ambitious, family-like and collaborative team, do not hesitate to apply now. Who knows, maybe it is just you we are looking for?

What we offer:

Full-time employment contract

as we know how important it is to feel secure.

State-of-the-art office

as we built our premises in 2018 and made sure to equip them with innovative tech solutions.

Comprehensive onboarding

as we know that first days at a new job can be daunting.

Team socialising events

as we know that work is not everything.

Group insurance coverage

as it is good to feel safe and protected.

Family-like environment

as we value close relations and trust.

5 easy steps to your new job

Step 1

Short phone interview with the HR / manager.

Step 2

Meeting to get to know you better.

Step 3

Psychological test of professional competence.

Step 4

Agreement of mutually acceptable employment terms.

Step 5

Welcome on board at Charter Group!

Rekomendacje pracowników

Cool young team and exciting challenges in an international environment. Expert advice from colleagues and a positive team atmosphere. And last but certainly not least for young people: timely payment

Janek (Forwarder)

Above all, it is for the workplace atmosphere. When I joined, I was met with a great deal of kindness and understanding from my colleagues and now my friends. Working at Charter Group, I have learned a new language and have met lots of interesting people.  It is no less important to gain experience in a job that is not routine and surprises you every day.

Krzysiek (Driver Timesheet Specialist)

I have worked at Charter for over 20 years. As a result of the company’s strong growth, I’m involved in multiple projects that continuously allow me to acquire new skills. I can see just how well the management navigates through the global and local market crises and prepares the workplace to meet the employee needs and defy problems as they arise. All this shows me, time and again, that I have made a good choice of workplace.

Łukasz (IT Manager)

Having handled purchases for the Charter Group fleet for the past five years, I can see how much has changed in this time. Buying ever newer vehicles is a way to keep up with cutting-edge technology developments, which is both a challenge and a useful lesson. Working on a collaborative team, we manage to overcome all obstacles along the way.

Dominik (Buyer)