By the end of 2015, the company will be situated in the old base - Urszulin near Grodzisk Mazowiecki; now we plan to move to the new modern base, just as the present one, with workshop facilities and office rooms. The new location, at the intersection of autostrada A2 (part of European route E30) and national road 50, there will be a truck wash, a refuelling station and an office building.

The location is optimal for servicing the traffic between east and west. Thanks to this location our drivers will no longer waist time, which will reduce the transport costs to the base. Wiskitki Phase 1

Our fleet

For several years now, the Charter Sp. z o.o. is using the latest articulated trucks available on the market. Due to the constant modernisation of our fleet we fulfil all environmental requirements concerning exhaust emissions, we also try to minimise negative impact of our business on the environment. Our policy is to change our vehicles every three years.

All our drivers are provided with mobile phones so as to keep in touch with the base. The team of dispatchers is responsible for the round-the-clock safety of vehicles; they monitor the position of the vehicles using GPS positioning system. Now we are introducing touchscreen devices allowing for sending and receiving the text and image (jpg) documents.

Truck tractors

Over the years we have tried and tested truck tractor of many manufacturers and found that the optimal ones for our Customers and for us are Mercedes Actros 1844 and Scania R420 and R440; they meet the latest EURO emissions standards.

Our mechanics not only perform the routine maintenance tasks but also the most complex repairs and overhauls.

Owing to our long-term cooperation with the Atrom company, all our vehicles are equipped with the GPS monitoring systems, which allows us not only to keep an eye on positions of the vehicles but also on other major parameters such as speed, direction, fuel consumption, driving time and so on.


As in the case with trucks, we have found that for our Customers’ transportation needs the optimal choice is Schmitz SKO-24 semi-trailer. Focusing on one type of semi-trailer enables us to carry our periodic inspections with speed and efficiency as well as allows us to foresee and eliminate the risks of serious defects while carrying out transportation tasks; in addition to this, one type of semi-trailers and refrigeration units facilitates the training of drivers.

For safety of transported goods, our semi-trailers are equipped with alarms detecting the unauthorized opening of doors (alarm sirens) and in addition to this with locking bars.

Refrigeration units

Our company uses two types of refrigeration units: Thermo King (the SL and SLX ranges of refrigerators: SL-200e and the Green Tech model SLX-300) and Carrier's units. Depending on the transportation tasks we choose appropriate semi-trailers with adequately efficient refrigerators.

To get to know if a transportation task is properly executed, the driver at any time can get a print-out of the transportation parameters; the parameters of the task can also be e-mailed by the Shipper executing the transportation order. The data for each route from the refrigeration unit are collected and then stored on our server; that procedure guarantees that the data of the route will be available even after a year or so after completion of the order.