Transport – geographic scope of operations

The Charter Sp. z o.o. with its eastern branches specialises in intra-Community and intra-CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) transportation as well as in the long-distance transportation between EU and Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan. Everyday our refrigerated vehicles come at the most distant cities and towns of Russia providing products ordered by our Customers.

Types of transported goods

The main part of our transportation services is transportation of fresh fruit and vegetables taken directly from fields or ripening rooms to specialized warehouse and retail networks in CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States). Besides this, Charter Sp. z o.o. due to its professional services and customer confidence, gained contracts for transportation of electronic devices, medical products and home care products.

Our refrigerated semi-trailers allow for transportation of any kind of goods demanding controlled conditions as well as transportations of so-called neutral loads, providing that the transported goods can be loaded and unloaded through the back door of the semi-trailer.


The workshop in Urszulin specialises in carrying out routine maintenance such as oil change, doing running repairs of the trucks of various manufactures; particularly, our mechanics gained lots of experience in servicing Scania and Mercedes trucks as well as Schmitz and Lamberet semi-trailers.

Dedicated mechanics deal with refrigeration units, others with semi-trailers or just only with trucks. Job trainings and above all everyday experience increase the skills of our service team. As a support in servicing vehicles we use the Integra software.

Until the end of 2015 the company will be located in the old base in Urszulin near Grodzisk Mazowiecki. The new modern base, just as the present one, will be supported by workshop facilities and office rooms.

The new base is being built in the new location, at the intersection of A2 motorway (part of European route E30) and national road 50; at the new base there will be a truck wash, a refuelling station and an office building. The location is optimal for servicing the traffic between east and west; thanks to this location our drivers will no longer waist time, which will reduce the transport costs to the base.