About us

The Charter company is actually a group of distinct enterprises and co-subsidiaries in Poland, Belarus and Russia. At the heart of the company lies Charter Spółka Z o.o. (the limited liability company) located in Urszulin near Grodzisk Mazowiecki, where there is also the Frigo workshop and service facilities that specialise in the running repairs, minor and major, routine maintenance, as well as overhauls, which involve servicing or replacement of major components such as engines.

One regional branch of the company is located in Vitebsk (city in eastern Belarus), the other four in Smolensk (western Russia) – Charter, MP, Smolnoe A and Smolnoe B. All transport transactions are dealt with in the main base in Urszulin, Poland, where there is also the dispatch department with truck dispatchers.

Our drivers come from countries of our transport operations so they have lots of experience in dealing with local specificities of work and thus they can perform their transportation tasks smoothly all the year round.

Our History

Family owned and operated since 1995, Charter Sp. z o.o., is one of the major carriers in Poland specializing in the international refrigerated transport services.

The company has two branches in Poland, one in Belarus and four other in Russia. Throughout the time, by providing transportation services, our company became flexible and reliable partner to a wide variety of our customers. Every day our trucks and semi-trailers are loaded and unloaded in Spain, France, Belgium, Holland, the UK, Italy, Greece, Serbia, as well as in Moscow, Saint Petersburg and the Russian Far East.

Due to our regular transport services we provide fresh fruit and vegetables from countries of southern Europe and European ports to the greatest wholesale and retail networks in Russia.

Since its establishment our company has gained experience in the transportation of:

  • food products,
  • fresh fruit and vegetables in controlled temperature,
  • drugs and pharmaceutical articles,
  • consumer electronics goods (TV-sets, computers and the like),
  • various chemical products (both household chemicals as well as other ones that do not require ADR, i.e. transportation of dangerous goods),
  • any and all just-in-time deliveries

Sections of the company

Main operation sections of the company:

Transportation Section – deals with truck driver recruitment, everyday service of the drivers, transport documentation (licences and TIR carnets) as well as watching over the transportation process through all the countries (finding the routs and safe parking places). Contact person: Contact person:

Polish drivers – Tomasz Pogorzelec - +48 500 299 599 –
Belarus drivers – Witali Stepowikow - +48 500 299 068 –
Routing – Marcin Kolak - +48 500 299 089 –

Dispatch Section – Our dispatch team accepts and curries out the transportation orders as well as prepares a whole list of service offerings for our Clients and regularly monitors our trucks. Contact person:

Key Account Manager – Anna Rorbach - +48 500 299 736 –

Debt recovery section – collection of debts and payments when due, sometimes reminding the late payers on due payments for the services provided. Contact person:

Olga Zaleska - +48 500 299 199 –

Purchase department – supplies any and each sections with materials necessary for their work. Contact person:

Paweł Kryński - +48 515 154 800 -

Workshop – carries out running repairs, routine maintenance such as oil change, overhauls of our trucks and semi-trailers. Contact person:

Kierownik Warsztatu – Paweł Kryński - + 48 515 154 800 –
Doradcy Serwisowi - +48 500 299 934 –

Section of damage to trucks/semi-trailers and cargo – deals with liquidation of damages. Contact person:

Damage to trucks/semi-trailers - Piotr Chała - +48 500 299 913 –


In 2013 the company Charter Sp. z o.o. and Frigo were awarded the title of “Firma rodzinna roku 2012” (the family business of the year 2012) by Newsweek Polska.

Gazela Biznesu (The Gazelles of Business) – the title was granted by “Puls Biznesu” (Business' Pulse - daily newspaper devoted to business and economic issues).